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Our programs are designed in direct response to community needs and are proven to
improve student performance and reduce conflict.
Lights On After School
  • Help with school work - hourly sessions
  • Let's Chop It up - Youth may attend a one on one discussion session with an adult or group of peers (adult lead) to just hang out to discuss topics of their choice.



(group mentoring)


  • Life Skills - behaviors that lead to more success in life, ie. problem solving, critical thinking, self-management, communication, teamwork, emotional intelligence (self awareness) and reflective thinking.
  • The Flip Side - builds confidence and resilience in high school teens.
  • Choices - builds confidence and resilience in middle school teens.
  • My Decision - promotes solid decision making.
  • Money Does Matter - equips teens with money management skills.


We support the small group approach to mentoring. Our mentoring program focuses on social and emotional learning. Sessions are interactive and primarily designed to promote skill development that will equip and empower youth to take control of their lives in a positive manner. Mentoring sessions are held separately for males and females.
  • Get Hip - engages youth around issues of personal development, women hood and value clarification (girls only).
  • Dare to Be - develops skills to recognize alternatives to violence.  Builds resilience in terms of self-learnng, motivation, concentration, responsibility, confidence and independence.
  • Safe Dates - advises on healthy vs unhealthy relationships, dating abuses and consequences, positive communication.
  • What's Up with Me - focus is on self management and responsible decision making.
  • Get Out Yo' Feelings - character development to empower emotional intelligence.


Parent symposiums are offered monthly to provide parents with tools to assist their teen and as an opportunity to provide feedback to The Foundation.
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